Reasons why women have affairs

According to the statistics, the number of divorce is increasing for the past decades. It is still a question why a lot of married couples, whether newlyweds or couples who have been married for years still ended with divorce.

It is also stated by various researches that the majority of the couples that separated have been in quite long term relationship before marriage, the most of them also have been living with each other for a long time since they were dating.

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Married affairs

Loyalty is one of the common reasons of divorce cases. A lot of marriage broke up because of that reason. Many cases of affairs were coming from the male side of the marriage, where the husbands meeting new women and abandoning their wives. But not every affair resulting the spouse to get abandoned, many of cheater played it off in front of their significant other in order to hide the affair.

Women cheater

People believe that men tend to cheat more than women. But a lot of married women also able to be disloyal to their husband. There are a lot of cases where the women looking for married men, though it was also popular that they search for younger man to feel more refreshed.

Affairs with married men were more common in neighborhood relation, where the wife meets next door man who also has wife and children. The busy life of the husband is what assumed to be one of the main reasons why women have affairs. Women feel exhausted and abandoned the most of time and when other man coming offering comfort, they would be pleased to take it.

In some places, adultery is more common and a lot of people participate in cheating behind their spouses’ back. Statistics showed that the places with high rate of affair are mostly European countries. It is believed that the society and lifestyle have a huge part in why such thing could be seen more often in some places than another. Also the culture norm of the place sometimes affects the growing number of adultery cases.