Knowing What Is Best when Married but Lonely

Nobody can help themselves when it comes to love. You cannot choose whom to love or who will love you back. What will you do when you fall in love and end up dating a married woman? It doesn’t sound impossible at all, does it? She might be married but lonely, and you are the prince charming who can get her out from her misery, even though just for a brief period of time.

It’s a Fun Beginning

It always is, isn’t it? Before things get more complicated and ruin everything and before married women become lonely housewives. Maybe you have heard about it before or maybe you have tried it. But a married and flirting chat can be both harmless and totally harmful to a relationship at the same time. What started as simple greetings and exchanging stories can lead to a very torrid affair and deep emotional attachment. Of course, it’s all depends on how are you going to play it. If you’re already married and choose to be faithful to your wife, you might tell her about your new online friend whom you have shared some details.

As Time Goes By

But seriously, if you’re happily married, then why are you looking for another outlet? Was it boredom? Or was it because the other party is just too willing and inviting? Now, will you let your wife dating too? Will you two have your marriage as an open marriage? These are just small fragments of questions your buddies will hurl at you. And also something you should think about before. As time goes by, things might get difficult and complicated. You might feel a certain connection to your new lady friend while still maintaining your love for your wife. Not everyone who cheats belong to the married but lonely category.

There’s no telling about married but lonely people. There are just too many variables behind their situation that lead to them being married and looking. As you all know, married people aren’t all living a happily ever after life. There are rough path they have to endure together. And it depends on how they are dealing with them, will they succumb to the issues and let their marriage fall apart, or will they stand tall and work the issue out. At the end of the day, it’s a matter on how to make a reasonable and sensible solution that work for everyone.

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